Damaged: We do our best to inspect all items before shipping them out. Please contact us with pictures and a description, and we will work to make it right. Note* Inspect all items before first use or washing.

Wrong Order: Received the wrong items? Our bad. Contact us and we will arrange to exchange items, providing tags are still attached, they are clean, and unused.Change of Heart: We try to pack and ship orders in 2-3 business days; however, if a change is needed, contact us within 24 hours of your order. Providing items are in stock, we will exchange them at no cost; exchange or change of items already sent out are at the customer's expense.

Unwanted Gifts: We will accept items back providing they are unused, tags attached, and clean. Return is at the customer's expense, and refund will be at 85% of original item(s) cost: 15% restocking/admin fee, and no refund on postage.

Send return/exchanges to:

Box 12, Las Lomas Blvd
TX 78258

Once your return has been sent, please send package tracking information to ground.destruction@gmail.com. All refunds/exchanges will be processed upon receipt of your return.

**Items not meeting conditions stated will not be accepted or may result in only receiving partial credit.

Please look at our gallery before buying. Our size chart is a ballpark, but body shapes and sizes can really affect fit, so we do our best to showcase real people in their gis.
If possible, please send us a picture of yourself, and we will add you to the gallery, further helping others find that perfect gi.

Rates: For U.S. orders, we use flat rates for certain items up to a certain weight (we know what fits in the boxes). Beyond that, orders are on a progressive cost table based on weight.

Secondhand Packaging: Why is my box used? An initiative to improve our green footprint where possible and save on packaging costs (for boxes that will probably go in the trash anyways), we believe in REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. We have regular access to boxes; packing is scrubbed of labels, and checked for cleanliness, and used where possible; second chance packing is at no cost to you--we eat any additional postage costs incurred.

Washing: Always wash before first use. Cold Wash, Air Dry; No bleach or Ironing.
Adjusting*: If fit adjusting is required, tumble dry items on short cycles, 10-15 minutes from damp until desired fit is achieved. Items will shrink faster the drier they become.
Gold weave shrinks the fastest and most--be careful! Adjust at own risk!

White Gis: We personally soak our white gis in Oxyclean for 2-4 hours once a month; dab small marks with a bleach soaked Q-tip; scrub blood stains with dish soap and peroxide asap.

Odor control: Wash your gi as soon as possible after use. Do not let that blood, dirt, sweat and funk bake in. Our personal favorites are washing with sports detergents, such as Tide, and in worse times, presoaking in white vinegar, then adding a cup of baking soda to the wash. The cherry on top is tumble drying the gis (no heat) with a drier sheet. So fresh and so clean clean!

Our F cut is designed for women. How and why? Typically, most women's bodies differ from men in their hips are wider, waist narrower, bust bigger, and shoulder narrower.
How does this affect fit in regular A cut? With narrower shoulders, sleeves often become longer and tops become baggy, or for some women, the coat is tight across the chest: wider hips or more juice in the caboose mean the A cut gi pants that fit are often too long. F cut tries to better fit the female frame.
Our experience is sizes could be translates to half sizes: F1=A0/00, F2=A1/0, F3=A2/1, F4=A3/2.

Why do you guys love gold weave? Because it is thick--hard to grip, soft, and very tough. We'll admit it can be a touch heavier to roll in and consequently hotter, but heat is could for conditioning. We have repeat customers choosing our gold weave over their old pearl weave gis. We wear both. Some prefer pearl for competition because of making weight brackets or traveling. We love and stand by gold weave, and this is always why we rep it over pearl.

Canvas: We use heavy canvas in our gis to add stability and make them more functional for training. We are not too interested in making flashy or fancy gis, our prime focus is providing tough, simple gear for battle. We take training seriously and design our products around that. Ultimately, in competition, it is not about how you look, it is how you perform, and we want our gis to support that.
Ripstop: It is tough, works well with sweat and we are not fans of cotton pants. It is that simple.

Depends: We try to conform to IBJJF standards in production and design, but always check a competitions guidelines before.
We are currently testing some products that do not meet competition standards, but we will be sure to identify them.


Possibly in the SATX area. Contact us by Instgram. Not always available.

Gi and apparel items ship from us by USPS, most take 1-2 weeks; other items ship direct from the supplier, so can take 1-3+ weeks to arrive.

On desktop, when you select checkout there is an option to enter codes; for mobile the discount code option is at the payment page. If codes are not working, please contact us.

Wholesale/Vendor purchase is not something we currently do, however, please contact us and we can talk. It is future step we would like to take.

We would love to support you. Message us and let’s talk about possibilities.

We are willing to do collabs, or feature items. Contact us for more.

Contact us on IG @ground.destruction or by email ground.destruction@gmail.com