What A Year!

What A Year!

Wow! As we near the end of 2020, what a year it has been, I do not think anyone this time last year could have foreseen the challenges and change thrown our way! This is a little memo, recap, and some motivational thoughts as takeaways and to carry into a new—and hopefully better—year.

First off, we would love to thank everyone who has supported us and shared the GD love this year. We started so we could support the sport and each of you. In the haze of 2020, we celebrated our one-year anniversary, we wanted to do somethings special, but we understand people are very distracted and concerned with COVID and other world affairs, so we stayed low. This leads us into our next thing.

Take care of your health, physically and mentally and help those around you. The pandemic has been crippling for many, lots of unknowns and concerns for spread of the virus. Take precautions as you feel fit and necessary.

So, what does that mean to us? Many people are using fear as a reason not to train, and many gyms are losing customers and or being closed because of that or because of restrictions. Train when and where you can, and support gyms in ways you are able. It is super important to keep training, it will keep you sane in an upside down world.

Many of us have a trusted friend or training partner, or persons in our household we could train with, if possible, keep that training up! And rather than cancel your gym membership, see what services can be provided—compromised over cancel.

There are many resources available now to continue at home training, companies like Dollamur (www.dollamur.com) make fantastic—lightweight—mats for home training, roll out and go, we sold some of our home gym equipment to fund the purchase of some home mats. Additionally, to assist the continuation of training, most top level Jiu Jitsu athletes now offer online content, and while it does not replace an in-person coach it works to keep you moving and progressing. Jiu Jitsu teaches us to keep pushing throw when we are in the worst positions.

We are happy to see many gyms start to reopen and training resume as best as able, it is important for all. And for a shameless plug, we depend on each of you battle ready people to keep training, for no training equals no need for gis, but we understand.

Last little thing, we know we have been extremely quiet this year. As many of our fans know, we are and AD family, and thrust into the middle of the year was an international PCS. We had a lot of things going on, and then with moving we were without all are gear, cameras, stock—everything, for a couple months. We are now settled in Texas and working towards setting up new things in 2021. What is important is we are still here, healthy, and training!

Thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone!

The GD Family